Grosse Ile, MI  48138




EXPERIENCE:   GROSSE ILE HIGH SCHOOL, Grosse Ile, MI                                                                                                  9/2000 - Present

                        Title:  Business Instructor; Head of Business Department

            Currently teaching:

         Beginning HTML/JavaScript

         Web Design using FrontPage 2002

         Criminal Law

         Consumer and Family Law

         Accounting, year 1

         Introduction to Business


            Fall 2003 - Cisco Networking


                        Responsible for developing full curriculums and framework mappings for law classes, web design classes, Introduction to Business and Cisco.  Completed Cisco Semesters 1 and 2 at Henry Community College, August 2002.  Enrolled for Cisco Semesters 3 and 4, August 2003.


                        BOWMAN AND BROOKE LLP, Minneapolis - Detroit - Phoenix - Los Angels - San Jose - Richmond

                        Branch office - Detroit                                                                                                                          8/1992 8/2000

                        Title:  Computer/Administrative Assistant

                        Responsible for hiring, training, evaluating and managing staff level employees.  Developed and enforced efficient office procedures.  Kept control of a stressful and fast paced work environment.  Maintained petty cash, checking and IOLTA accounts and settlement checks.  Processed disbursements. Dealt with equipment vendors including purchase decisions.  Experience with build-out process--blueprints, fire codes, and space planning.  Administrative liaison with head and branch offices.  Maintained all computer equipment including local area network. Troubleshot, analyzed and resolved computer equipment and software issues.   Secretary/Assistant to senior managing partner 1/1996 8/97.


                        DEARBORN ADULT EDUCATION/SER METRO, JOBS FOR PROGRESS INC.                                       2/1989 - 6/1992

                        Title:  Instructor


                        This educational program focused on adults who had not graduated from high school and/or were on governmental aid.  The student population was made up of Spanish and Arabic speaking students.  Our goal was to transfer employable skills so they could find entry-level employment positions.


                        9/91 to 6/92       Legal Secretary Course and Data Entry Course

                                                Developed full curriculums, including objectives and goals.  Courses prepared students for entry-level positions in either field. 


                        9/90 to 6/91       Computer Operations Course

                                                Prepared four classes for entry-level positions in word processing or data entry fields. 


                        9/89 to 6/90       Clerical/Word Processing Course

                                                Developed curriculum, including objectives and goals.  Prepared students for entry-level positions in clerical/word processing field. 


                        2/89 to 6/89       Bookkeeping Course

                                                Taught basic accounting/bookkeeping principals and concepts.


                                                All classes used IBM PC models (stand-alone and local area network). 

                                                Programs:  DOS, WordPerfect 4.2/5.0/5.1, DisplayWrite 4, Lotus 1-2-3, and

                                                Dbase III Plus. 

                                                Other subject areas:  Microcomputer Concepts, Legal Typing, Legal Office Procedures, Legal Terminology, Filing, Business Law, Business English and Mathematics, Resume Writing, and Job Search Techniques.


                        MILLER/ALTRA HIGH SCHOOL, Dearborn, MI                                                                                 9/1990 - 5/1992

                        Title:  Instructor

                        Taught Introduction and Advance WordPerfect 5.0/5.1


                        DEARBORN FIRE DEPARTMENT, Dearborn, MI                                                                               1990 - 1991

                        Title:  Computer Operator/Clerical

                        Assisted in the daily clerical activities of the Fire Marshall's Office, including word processing, maintaining hazardous materials database, input of fire/rescue reports (ASTRA 400), incoming/

                        outgoing mail, telecommunications, filing and typing.


                        DYKEMA GOSSETT, Detroit, MI                                                                                                       1988 - 1990

                        Title:  Legal Secretary

                        Worked in several practice areas.  Responsible for executing all daily typing activities.  Typed and filed various pleadings, processed incoming/outgoing mail, dealt with billing procedures and telecommu-nications.  Acquired extensive knowledge of Wang Computers.


                        NORTHWOOD INSTITUTE, Midland, MI                                                                                           1984 - 1986

                        Title:  Basketball Camp Counselor

                        Taught high school children fundamentals of basketball.  Responsible for actions of a large group of children.  Groups changed every four days.  Worked with high school and college coaches and counselors.



EDUCATION:    Henry Ford Community College - M-Tech                                                                                     

            Cisco Networking - Semester 3 and 4                                                                                                August 2003

            Cisco Networking - Semester 1 and 2                                                                                                August 2002


                        Wayne State University, Detroit, MI                                                                                               December 2000

                        Master of Education in Career & Technical Education


                        University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI                                                                                            December 1988

                        Bachelors of General Studies

                        State of Michigan Teaching Certificate

                        Certified in Secondary Business Education


                        Northwood Institute, Midland, MI                                                                                                  May 1986

                        Associate of Arts:  Executive Secretarial


                        Melvindale High School                                                                                                               June 1984





TEACHING:       Harry S. Truman High School, Taylor, MI.                                                                                   1/1988 - 4/1988

                        I was under the supervision of Nancy E. Volk.  I taught two second semester Speedwriting classes, Electronic Office Block Skills, and a Typing I course.


SKILLS:           Equipment:        LAN and WAN networks; Cisco 2600 routers and switches; IBM and various models of personal computers; various                         printers, typewriters, and telephones, dictation/transcription and copy machines; modems

                        Programs:         DOS; HTML; JavaScript; Windows NT, 95, 98, ME; Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage; email and internet programs; graphics; tutorial and modem communication software



ACTIVITIES:     Secretary of the Nova Scotian Club of Detroit, 1989-1995, 1999-2000; publish monthly newsletter

                        St. Anne's Ladies Gaelic Football Club, 1993-present

                        Received an academic and basketball scholarship

                        Collegiate and Intramural Basketball

                        Interested in coaching girl's basketball, volleyball or track